Endarkenment (Illumination Through Putrefaction) is the second full length of this Catalan band dedicated to a rather traditional and balanced death doom. Offering four tracks for almost an hour of music, as always, creates a certain natural selection among potential listeners but it’s not something that can scare or discourage those who love the genre. Endarkenment has, in fact, all the characteristics to drag anyone into the whirlpool of darkness that the band from the city manages to create, maybe without overdoing it and even less showing glimmers of novelty, but offering with competence and conviction those sounds that have their knotty roots in the nineties with an eye to the first wanderings of the Sacred British Triad. With three guitarists in the line-up, the riffing of Onirophagus is very incisive and effective, and in those rare moments in which they give vent to solo passages, the melodies that come out are rather painful and enveloping: this makes the whole thing much less difficult to understand than foreseeable given the premises and the characteristics of the sound offered. Dysthanasia, Book Of The Half Men and the very long title track are slower and more pachydermic tracks, while Dark River is closer to a certain morbid death, probably the best episode thanks to a greater synthesis and rhythmic variety. Paingrinder’s growl is what’s needed to give the best voice to such a proposal that marks the return of the band six years after the previous full length with a line-up half new, which makes Endarkenment a sort of ideal restart performed with the right foot.

2019 – Xtreem Music