Four years after the first self-titled full length, and six years after the debut EP Orbita, the Phobonoid project, an interesting reality created by Lord Phobos, makes itself known once again. The larger of the two moons of Mars is a constant reference in all the poetic and musical imagery created by the musician, so it is not surprising that the concept continues to follow those coordinates, accompanied by a sound in which industrial, black and doom drives converge. As in previous works, the contribution of the voice is confined to the background by the production, but basically the fulcrum of the work of Lord Phobos resides in a musical part that is always characterized by a natural cosmic pace that, wanting to exemplify the most, brings us back to Mechina on the side of industrial black and Monolithe with regard to doom.
All this contributes to make the sound nervous, solemn and at the same time threatening, completely adequate to the story of an interstellar journey that the protagonist undertakes to find refuge after the destruction of his own world; its being supported by a very precise idea also from the conceptual point of view makes the sound very personal and able to emanate its dark charm that is distributed equally along all ten tracks on the album, in the course of which the passage between the various sound digressions occurs in a very fluid way. The peculiarity of Phobonoid‘s works was already in pectore in the previous works but here it finds its important confirmation and if the only difficulty in listening to The Fall of Phobos resides in its flowing as if it were a single track there is no doubt that the forty minutes necessary to listen to the entire work will prove to be definitely well spent.

2019 – Avantgarde Music