The appreciation of an album is something that is extremely subjective and, as if that were not enough, it is also influenced by expectations about the object of our listening. For example, when you come across a new band, the watershed is defined by the search for innovative elements in its proposal or not; obviously, if the discriminating factor was only the first one, a good ninety percent of the releases of the last ten years would not have the right of citizenship in spite of works of good quality. The debut of the Belgian one man band Ethereal Darkness enters in full in this case: the full length entitled Smoke And Shadows is a test that demonstrates the great competence of Lars in disentangling with a melodic black death doom really nice and full of good insights. The fifty minutes of music offered flow away smoothly and without contraindications, and patience if this work will not be remembered among those who have changed the rotation of the Earth’s axis, because the sound of clear Finnish matrix, between Insomnium, Catamenia, Amorphis and Swallow The Sun, skillfully inserted in the blender, leaves at the end of the listening a pleasant aftertaste and a certain good mood.

2019 – Independent