Hailing from Portland, Oregon, is this new entity devoted to death metal with consistent doom overtones. While all this may not be very appetizing thanks to an almost certain adherence to established stylistic patterns, it must be said for the benefit of those who want to approach it that rarely on the first attempt are such well-focused works of similar depth found. In fact, the U.S. band handles this tricky subject matter with great skill: the sound never takes on too fast rhythms settling on cadenced tempos on which more rarefied passages or effective lead guitar parts are often inserted. In Living Tomb the putrid and catacomb imagery is not an end in itself because Ossuarium‘s approach is entirely adequate to the need, with the added value of an executive goodness that leaves no doubts, as well as the production. Our guys know how to involve even with their sound not at all winking, thanks to melodic cues that are inserted in the context with great fluidity and that. of course. correspond mostly to the moments in which the doom soul is put in the foreground (emblematic the excellent Corrosive Hallucinations), an aspect that manifests itself more in the second half of the work. For Ossuarium, Living Tomb represents a first step on a long distance of great effectiveness and that highlights how a stylistic expression apparently from the few margins of maneuver can be, always and in any case, rendered in a convincing and above all engaging way.

2019 – 20 Buck Spin