Hænesy / Moondweller – Earth and Space

Earth and Space is yet another remarkable split album this time by the Black Mourning Productions label, which brings together two realities of recent genesis such as Hungary’s Hænesy and Russia’s Moondweller. Two tracks each for a total of almost half an hour of beautiful atmospheric black metal is what one should expect from this work, which has the only flaw in its small format, given the evocative potential exhibited by both bands involved. Hænesy offer a post black as airy and melodic as ever and go to shore up the good impressions aroused with the 2018 full length Katruzsa; the sound flows engagingly and convincingly, both in Eternal Rest and An Onthology of Void, in a sphere where the only croaky screaming leads everything back to an extreme matrix, in the face of first-rate melodic cues that make this Magyar group a magnificent reality. The more traditionally black aspects in Moondweller‘s sound are undoubtedly greater, although the atmospheric element also plays an important part in Worlds Entwined and Unknown Signals: here, however, the whole thing is pushed to a more cosmic side particularly in the pressing and splendid finale of the second of the two tracks. Since this is the work of two realities still unknown to most, Earth and Space certainly proves to be a very welcome surprise for those who do not disdain black metal in its most dreamy and atmospheric guise.

2019 – Black Mourning Productions