Ewigkeit – DISClose

Ewigkeit is the solo project of James Fogarty, aka Mr. Fog, a musician who has been active in the metal scene for more than twenty years, during which time he has been a member of several prominent bands, the most recent of which, the legendary In The Woods, stands out. The success of an album like DISClose is also motivated by the versatile vocal work of Fogarty, one of those singers who can switch with ease from harsh tones to evocative clean vocals without leaving room for perplexity of any kind. The first full length under the name Ewigkeit dates back to 1997 and this is the tenth in the series, considering the 2017 re-release of the debut Battle Furies on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary. The black metal that provided the stylistic basis of the first works has been diluted over time in a decidedly melodic metal, although at times always dutifully harsh, and so DISClose enjoys a certain catchiness that makes it not too difficult to listen to, in spite of a certain stylistic restlessness. This, if we want, represents two sides of the coin of a work valid in every phase, but not very connoted in a specific genre to carve out a dedicated audience: the advantage, which goes far beyond any other consideration, is however represented by the fact that Fogarty in this way keeps away the risk of boring the listeners with an excessively repetitive sound. The openings towards more modern sounds are there, but they happen in a very fluid way and without distorting a kaleidoscopic sound that combines melody and extreme notes in an exemplary way. DISClose offers great melodic openings inserted inside structures that, for the most part, have an extreme scream (even if in this case I would have preferred, for personal taste, a more frequent use of the effective growl that James certainly has in his chords), sailing between progressive death, gothic doom, avant-garde black and alternative rock metal without ever giving the sound back in a fragmented form. Each track has memorable glimpses in the form of high-impact choruses, most of which are enhanced by Fogarty’s evocative clean vocals, which he performs masterfully. Disclosure and Resonance are the two tracks of the lot that I prefer, but the beauty of DISClose is that everyone will be able to find their own ideal track that does not necessarily have to coincide with those preferred by others: James Fogarty is a musician in possession of a great talent that with the moniker Ewigkeit is expressed in a complete way and without any filter.

2019 – D.T.M. Productions