The Hungarian Szabo Void (or Thanatos as he used to be called in the black metal scene, where he was active in several bands) with his solo project Spüolus made his long-distance debut in 2010 with Behind The Event Horizon, a work based on a concept related to the mysteries of the universe, as anticipated by the cover. The album offered about an hour of sounds naturally cosmic, then based on a fine keyboard work sometimes interrupted in its sinuous progress by tears and dissonance experimental anything but out of place, if seen from the perspective of a journey with no return to the unknown. The 2013 split with Mare Frigoris maintained the characteristics of a sound that reaches a turning point six years later with the second full length The Final Conclusion. According to the website of NCG Prod, a small but fine Magyar label, “Spüolus has always been more than just music, each material is another step in a process of spiritual and mental ascension. The name Spüolus also has a very personal meaning, it belongs only to this project and cannot be found anywhere else. For the author, this name represents the gateway between his Individual Self and the Higher Self of the entire Universe through the alchemy of sounds“. In these words finds some more explanation for the deviation of the last work compared to the past, the sounds remain as dark and reflective and atmospheric tones, but no longer definable in all respects funeral finding, if anything, a possible counterpart in the Negură Bunget of Om, with the only defect found in the use of a clean voice psalmodizing in native language not excellent, but still does not affect a satisfactory outcome.

2019 – NGC Prod