The Ghost I’ve Become – Circle Of Sorrow

Two years after their debut Hollow, the Finnish band The Ghost I’ve Become are back with a new EP that confirms the good things they had already exhibited. In spite of these valid premises, one can’t help but notice, as a negative aspect, the fact that a band with such a perspective continues to lack the active support not only of a label but also of a promotion agency and, unfortunately, in a world where too often those who appear get much more consideration than those who are worth, all this can only prove to be a handicap in the long run for these excellent musicians. The songwriter and guitarist Lauri Moilanen re-proposes the winning schemes that we know well, strengthening them further and making them subservient to the dark concept that he himself has conceived, well supported by the good production by the other guitarist Joonas Kanniainen and excellently illustrated by the disturbing artwork by the vocalist Jomi Kyllönen. Undoubtedly this DIY attitude, however, elevated to the highest terms in terms of professionalism, continues to bear delicious fruits, as Circle Of Sorrow is a work in which influences are mixed in the best way that ours are able to rework in a personal way, although the imprint of bands like Swallow The Sun and their overseas counterparts Daylight Dies are clearly perceptible. Denial and Torment represent at best the painful crescendo that leads to the splendid melodic openings of Grief and to the moving intimism of the final Yearn: to notice in these last two tracks, the important contribution of the clean voice entrusted to the Canadian musician Marc Durkee, demonstrating the care of the details that never fails in the work of The Ghost I’ve Become. We can only reiterate with satisfaction as the Oulu band is one of the most concrete promises in the death doom field and even if, as mentioned, realities of a much lower level manage to find the support of major labels, I always think (or rather hope) that meritocracy in the end has the better of the ability to sell themselves. The hope is that Moilanen and his friends will find as soon as possible the ideal external support to start thinking about a first full length that, with these assumptions, could reveal their undoubted qualities to a much more consistent number of fans.

2018 – Autoprodotto