Astral Silence, a project born as a one-man band by the Swiss Quaoar but now resembling a duo with Bornyhake (Sergio Da Silva) joining the founder, have a parable that for a long time has only touched on funeral before crossing over more decisively in recent times. In fact, what has been produced until 2013 (a split album and two full lengths) can be stylistically catalogued in an atmospheric cosmic black, with traits that can be traced back to fellow countrymen Darkspace in a more airy and melodic version, just to provide a few more coordinates. The leader’s fascination with the mysteries of the cosmos is also evident in the nickname he uses: Quaoar is indeed a deity of the Californian native Americans Tongva, but it is above all the name given by astronomers to a large planetoid orbiting the sun located in the so-called Kuiper Belt, which lies beyond Neptune. After about six years of silence, in 2019 the band reappears, with Bornyhake assisting Quaoar on guitar, proposing the new full-length Sagittarius A*: the sound in this case shifts decisively towards an atmospheric form, but harsher and slower, with funeral elements that flank and often prevail over the black component, obtaining a remarkable result and justifying this stylistic deviation from the past. A track like siriuS is the best picture of the latest Astral Silence, to which, as in many similar cases, the collaboration of another musician with the owner of the project only brings benefits, not to mention the participation of important names from the underground metal scene as guests, starting from Déhà, from Dam and Seth of Mordor, from Christoph Ziegler of Vinterriket and, finally, to provide a sort of imprimatur to the whole, Zhaaral of Darkspace to give the remarkable guitar solos heard in the song mentioned and in the opener achernaR. It only remains to be seen if the talented Quaoar will continue on this path or if he will change course again, heading towards some other unexplored celestial body.

2019 – Transcendance