Vultur / Inféren / Malauriu / À Répit – Teschi Ossa Morte

Teschi Ossa Morte is a split album resulting from the joint effort of seven different labels and capable of providing a cross-section of the national black metal scene, thanks to the participation of four brands from different regions of the country. The opening of the work falls to the Aosta Valley-based À Répit, authors of a black sung in Italian and with pagan folk overtones, with a good melodic imprint that is contrasted by a scream that is as grim as ever: of the two tracks, La Roccia Di Jean Grat unfolds more direct and pressing but not without atmospheric cues that are more thoroughly explored in the more evocative Ventre Di Lupo. Arriving from Lombardy are Inféren , whose interpretation of the genre is more essential but equally convincing: also in this case lyrically they opt for the Italian language, with some dialectal cues in Volti Di Pietra, a track that together with Descensio Ad Inferos best depicts the intentions of a band aimed at offering a sound devoid of frills but definitely effective. The second part of the split is taken up by two island bands: first, the Sicilians Malauriu take us to a terrain even less inclined to melodic or atmospheric glimpses, with their claustrophobic and pressing black metal, certainly more adherent to the dictates of the genre in its very first incarnation; Narcotic Cult and Sacramentum are shredding tracks that leave no room for digressions of any kind. Closing the work are the Sardinians Vultur, a band that among those present can boast a fairly consistent history already, being the only one of the four formed in the past decade; unlike their fellow adventurers, the trio contributes only one track, which, conversely, is also the longest of the lot. Animas Dannadas is, as is Vultur’s wont, sung in the Sardinian language and amply testifies to a tried and tested band of definite depth, capable of interpreting the genre with mastery of its means for the entire twelve minutes of the track, amid furious accelerations, excellent glimpses of lead guitar and an eerie ambient close. Teschi Ossa Morte thus proves to be a split album of some merit because it manages to bring together in a single work realities of different extraction, experience and style, returning a result of considerable interest for those who assiduously follow the exploits of the tricolor black metal scene.

2019 – The Triad Rec / Masked Dead Records