Although Hidden In Eternity released their debut album back in 2005, a good 14 years had to pass before we heard their second full length; indeed, the debut release On The Ninth Day saw the band struggling with a good symphonic gothic doom, complete with the use of the violin to confirm the inspiration to the more canonical forms, including the use of a good female voice. The return in 2019 with A Tout Jamais takes place with a funeral death doom that is decidedly far from what had been proposed many years before; the only voice that can be heard is that of the leader and founder Néréïde (Frederic Laborde, also on guitar and violin) who on this occasion is assisted by Brice on bass and acoustic guitar and Chewy on drums, as well as the illustrious guest Kostas Panagioutou on keyboards. Undoubtedly it’s surprising that a band with the aforementioned past can produce an album so dark and sinister and above all very heavy; on the other hand it’s also true that Hidden In Eternity don’t have a consistent fan base to blandish, given their relative popularity even in the last decade and their long absence from the scene, so this choice seems very understandable. On the other hand, although on completely different stylistic levels, the quality standard is maintained at a good level, revealing a work that is attractive to those who prefer the genre in its less melodic and atmospheric version.

2019 – Independent