Ferum – Vergence

Pain and discomfort can be expressed in music in different ways, but metal offers different and effective ranges: the one chosen by the newcomers Ferum is a corrosive death doom, with very few melodic overtones. The band is based in Bologna and was founded by Samantha, who plays vocals and guitar as well as writing all the music, and Angelica (drums), later joined by Matteo on bass. The growl is harsh and heinous rather than deep, as it is often the case with women, and it adapts well to a sound aimed at expressing the right amount of anger and disgust; the death component is prevalent in its representation of the most morbid and putrid fringe of the genre, with the doom-like slowdowns that come punctually to give that pinch of variety in the form of time changes. So this first work of Ferum leaves good impressions, thanks to a conviction and a clarity of intentions that are not always easy to find: of the five tracks offered, the first three unfold in a uniform way, while the fourth, much more cadenced, is the effective cover of Funeral, a track that marked the debut in 1990 of the historic U.S. Cyanides. The ep closes with Ed è Subito Sera, a song that lyrically takes up the short poem by Quasimodo: also in this case the trio shines for its essential and involving sound that opens at times, this time, also melodically going to touch black metal shores. For Ferum, Vergence represents an unexceptionable first step and therefore an ideal basis for building something even more interesting and consistent in the future.

2018 – Everlasting Spew Records / Unholy Domain Records