We meet again the Chilean Endimion a good eight years after the release of the previous full length that had highlighted lights and shadows of a proposal still too sketchy to be competitive in the context of international death doom. Latmus shows a natural as much as hoped-for progress, though without losing the characteristics of a sound still deliberately devoid of frills and atmospheric cues. The genre, in the interpretation of this South American band, thrives on a rather rough impact in which the riffing and growl push the envelope toward the more extreme side of the genre; with all that, however, the sound appears better focused and not entirely devoid of melodic or acoustic openings. The use of the Spanish language still provides a particular connotation to a sound that is much more convincing than in the past thanks to a greater fluidity in alternating the different components. Palabra vacías is a track that proves to be quite comprehensive in this sense, as it shows several valuable cues that are not confirmed by a track that is initially rather tetragonal and then opens up melodically thanks to good guitar work. Latmus unravels, thus, for about an hour of music destined to remain confined, in terms of listening, within the confines of the most avid fans of the genre who, however, will not be disappointed by a test of good substance. That said, Endimion, even in the context of such a fertile scene as the Chilean doom scene, remain a second-rate band, but that does not mean they deserve to be overlooked.

2018 – Independent 2019 – Australis Records