Horrisonous come from Australia and play death/doom as it was done in the very early 1990s, adding gore themes to the heavy sound. Nothing new under the Sydney sun will someone say, and indeed the quintet from the land of kangaroos takes over an established formula and plays extreme metal with little imagination, but a lot of power and impact. It’s good this debut, titled A Culinary Cacophony and licensed by Memento Mori, the group’s first full-length since the debut ep released in 2016 (The Plague Doctors), a work that returns to enhance the kind of sound that from the stainless Asphyx leads to Incantation and the Germans Incubator. Massive and with no chance of finding the slightest melody the easiest listeners, A Culinary Cacophony has the virtue of making one soon forget its total devotion to the aforementioned bands, captivating after just a few listens thanks to powerful and well-structured tracks such as Perpetual Mincing, Flesh Presented for Orgasmic Torment and the concluding The Number of the Feast. A band not to be missed for a hoped-for step towards a more pronounced personality, Horrisonous still convinces and deserves a chance from lovers of old school death/doom. (A.Centenari – MetalEyes 17/3/19)

2019 – Memento Mori