In spite of the name chosen, the musician committed as Lucian The Wolfbearer is actually Sean Michael Kratz, he comes from Cleveland and in the first releases of his solo project the genre practiced was folk, obviously with darker tones but still as such. Starting from the third full length At The Gates Of Twilight, released in 2014 like the previous two, the sound has shifted towards an atmospheric and melodic funeral that keeps the folk topics related to the Nordic mythology; it was a good album, with a weak point in the use of clean vocals but enjoyable by virtue of an approach not at all brain-dead, not dissimilar in some moments to that of the Brazilian HellLight. The changing nature of Kratz’s project led him to explore new territories, making ambient the new companion of funeral, particularly in Paradise (2015), while in the following Seiðr (2016) he ended up summarizing in an hour and forty of music all the sound inclinations exhibited since the beginning of the project, including also the viking black component that, until that moment, had been explained only in a conceptual way. After three years full of releases, the latest work under the name Lucian The Wolfbearer is Old Roots, an album in which ambient, folk and doom impulses merge, resulting much more organic than the bulimic Seiðr. Pagan Forest shows a more orthodox funeral face, proving to be just the right amount of melodic and sorrowful, while Marrow is a delicate acoustic folk episode that introduces the more iridescent and long Binding The Will Of Giants, where some ideas not dissimilar to the opening track are mostly overwhelmed by an elegant form of ambient. Although not essential, Kratz’s project is appreciable and deserving of attention by fans looking for an alternative to the leading names in the sector.

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