Svirnath РDalle Rive del Curone

He arrives at his second full length Frans, a musician from Lombardy/Piedmont also active in the talented doomsters Abyssian and Consolamentum, who with his solo project Svirnath offers atmospheric black metal with pagan folk traits. Dalle Rive del Curone, right from its title, highlights how important to the author are cues derived from love and respect for a nature that should always be an integral part of each person’s modus vivendi. On a musical level, the album unfolds rather well, being full of valid atmospheric openings, and if it shows some cracks these are to be found in a perfectible scream (although it is a characteristic that seems to be common to most of the releases in this sphere) and in a guitar work that in the solo parts shows some smears, in the face of a melodic afflatus that is anything but negligible. And it is precisely by filing down such aspects that remarkable tracks such as the title track or The Ethereal Glow could stand out even more than they do, thanks to a writing always aimed at exhibiting the more evocative side of the genre. The sounds offered by Svirnath, after all, are entirely in line with the productions headed by the brilliant German label Naturmacht, an authentic point of reference for those who want to listen to atmospheric black metal in its purest and most underground sense.

2019 – Naturmacht Productions