Redefining Darkness Records, a label specializing in the search for realities hidden in the innermost recesses of the musical underground brings to the surface the Russians Caustic Vomit who make themselves the protagonists of a truly remarkable debut demo. The monicker chosen leaves little doubt about the sound on offer, which is a suffocating primal death doom, with the ranting growl typical of the genre’s most extreme forms. The three tracks on Festering Odes to Deformity average about ten minutes each with the first, Immured in Devouring Rot, seeming to draw more from the British school of the early 1990s due to the pronounced slowdowns in the finale, the second, Churning Bowel Tunnels, which turns out instead to be an example of the more putrid death, and the third, Once Coffined Malformities, which finally oscillates between these different drives while also giving intriguing lead guitar parts in the finale. Caustic Vomit, compared to many of the more incompromissory death doom’s worthy performers, show cues of variety that fit well within a context that, however, puts melody decidedly on the back burner in favor of the genre’s rougher edges.

2018 – Independent 2019 – Redefining Darkness Records / Spiritual Warfare Productions