Locus Animae – Luna

Locus Animae is a band from Novara, active since 2012. Initially they started as a black metal band, then they developed a poetics of their own, as can be heard very clearly in this new ep, Luna. The poetics of the group is to advance through original and neoclassically inspired music into gothic but also avant-garde territories. The music is delicate and dreamy, but also powerful and peremptory when, with reminiscences of early black metal. Luna is a continuation of the cycle begun with the previous Prima che sorga il Sole, which was an excellent work. The clever interplay between the beautiful female vocals of Vera Clinco of Caelestis stands out, which complements nicely the singing in both clear and growl of Gregory Sobrio. The band is technically on the level and carries the pathos of the songs very high. The feeling is gothic, strong with an even Mediterranean feeling that leads one to see things in a very different way than the Nordic gothic, for example. The presence of a neoclassical afflatus in the music of Locus Animae is very strong and is one of the pillars of their sound. Singing in Italian gives perhaps the real added value of this group; the metrics of our language go very well with this sound, and it is the perfect narrative. From the very first song, L’Incanto Della Sirena, it is clear that we are not in the presence of the usual gothic metal combo, here we go much further: Luna is about memories, pieces of our lives that remain in the kaleidoscope of what we think we know. Astonishing is the disruptive force of the album, the completeness of the sound where there is not a thing out of place, an inconsistency, something wrong. Feeling is the prime mover of everything, and Locus Animae have a name that is most fitting for their music because it speaks to our soul. The appearance from time to time in black metal music through very precious inlays is another sign of the skill and greatness of this band. The form of the ep is the right space to enjoy such sweet and strong compositions, which speak of a world that we can see if we abandon the delirium that is offered to us on a daily basis. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 9/4/2019)

2019 – Independent