The unexpected conclusion of the story of Eye Of Solitude, the band founded by Daniel Neagoe during his stay in London and with which he had offered one of the cornerstones of the funeral (and not only) of the new millennium as Canto III, has left more than one admirer of the Romanian musician unsettled, who has nevertheless wisely filled the space freed up with his more accessible and acclaimed project Clouds. The new adventure with Mourners, founded after Daniel’s return to his homeland, is an explicit attempt, in light of what is transcribed on bandcamp, to revive the epic of the best Eye Of Solitude with another moniker and the operation succeeds perfectly, since from the first notes of the opening track The Way Of Darkness you can grasp all the drama and tension that had made the epoch-making work of Dante’s concept published in 2013. Aided by compatriot Mihai Dinuta (guitar) and young Belgian Siebe Hermans (drums), Neagoe returns to rage with his impressive growl and compose songs of poignant beauty such as Souls Breathing Nothingness (where Dinuta delivers a Saturnus-like solo). The only task left would be to give continuity to this new project and a follow-up to Act I: Tragedies, but this depends only on Daniel’s moods and strategies, so we can only wait with confidence for a hoped-for Act II.

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