It deserves more than a quick mention the work of Aeternum Sacris, solo project of Sacris, a musician from Kawasaki author of a series of demos, singles and ep of considerable interest, to which must be added the recent full length 2011.03.11 that combines the revised songs of the demo 11-03-2011 with the addition of four new songs. Despite his admittedly amateurish approach to the subject, Sacris has grown exponentially over the years and his work has been met with very positive critical acclaim; after all, his funeral death doom is characterised by an ever-present melodic and melancholic substratum, an aspect that is certainly not alien to the number of bands declared as his main inspirations, ranging from The Cure to Joy Division, from The Mission to Fields of the Nephilim, and this largely explains a personal interpretation of the genre that seems to draw on these names, especially in the last of the ep released, A Doomed Love (2016). Their relationship with their homeland is made explicit in the heartfelt tribute to the victims of the tsunami and the related tragedy in Fukushima contained in the aforementioned demo 11-03-2011, whose title recalls the date of the disaster. Despite a few imperfections, such as the use of sampled drums that are not always impeccable, the discography of Aeternum Sacris can be a pleasant discovery and a far from superfluous listen.

2019 – Silent Time Noise