One of the most significant bands in Italian black metal and beyond, proponents of black metal that transports far away, is back. Closely linked to nature and their homeland, Val Di Susa, Enisum have developed over the years a unique and immediately recognizable musical poetics, starting from black metal and going far beyond, and this latest record is a milestone in their discography, combining together different elements and taking them to a higher level. In the music of this group, which in a relatively short time has managed to enter the hearts of many people, there is a spirituality that also comes from fusing together various genres and instances. Black metal, more than a genre, here is a starting point and a feeling of the human soul, a possible narrative. Starting from black metal, Enisum find many sonic solutions, and Moth’s Illusion is the sublimation of a beautiful sound and of feeling and seeing life in a different way. The group speaks to us in images, constructing them as in a film and immersing us in our true nature. Moth’s Illusion has many meanings, but the main one is perhaps to stop and listen to a beat that does not come from silicon, a breath that comes from the earth and from which we also came out, because in the end this is a folk masterpiece, as close as it is to nature and to our hearts. There has long been a war within ourselves, in an attempt to fight the rift that is splitting our souls, lost the among the old gods who are losing ground to the new ones coming out of bytes and tubes under the ocean, facilitators of a fallacious reality. Moth’s Illusion is a return to what could be if we were more adherent to what we have always been. There are moments of extreme emotion on this record, and at times one even feels anxious that this music will suddenly disappear, as beautiful as it is. Compared to the band’s other works, the more melodic and at the same time epic aspects of the sound are accentuated; however, it must be said that, as with every Enisum album, the situation is always different. It is difficult and at the same time magnificent to talk about such a record, which makes one cry and think, move and struggle, and which is to be heard from beginning to end. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 17/4/2019)

2019 – Avantgarde Music