The Turin-based trio Nibiru, freshly signed to the British label Ritual Productions, is back. Nibiru do not make music in the traditional sense of the word, their productions are ritual, all are different from each other, all possess a different meaning, like their live performances. If we have to find musical references, these can be found in extreme sludge, total psychedelia and long jams that are fluids rather than songs. Their career is a continuous evolution, a gazing fixedly into the abyss, producing extremely subjective works, where everyone will be able to converse with their angels or demons and with their true nature that is continuously concealed. Salbrox in Enochian parlance means sulfur, and the whole record is centered on the alchemical process of solve et coagula, where alchemy is a means and a depiction of the process we must undertake ourselves in abandoning our self to become something else, in a continuous process of birth, death, regeneration and rebirth. Salbrox‘s music goes even further than the already extreme previous records, however, one must consider their works one by one. In this work the production is excellent, the whole thing was recorded live at Music Lab Studio by Emiliano Pilloni, who always manages to shape this material very well, and then mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Nibiru is an anti-modern group because their music is ritualistic and tribal and takes us back to a past where most of our deepest beliefs still live, where our true meaning resides. This is not art to entertain but an invocation to break our chains, especially mental ones, and take back our ability to mutate, becoming aware that we are a continuous regeneration and that this life is just a passage, ugly or beautiful. Salbrox confirms and further advances a musical discourse that has no equal anywhere in the world. In particular, this record, with both music and lyrics, focuses attention on disharmony and balancing between the various dimensional planes. Like and more than the previous works there are moments of totality (in Italian there is no suitable word to describe them), in which the musical saturation is at its highest and is so refined that one reaches something akin to an altered state of consciousness. The lyrics in Enochian and Italian are then a real marvel: so many are posing, Nibiru is not, and you have to hear what they say: one of their best turns was precisely to put Italian side by side with Enochian, to produce a unique effect of hearing Ardath and his possession in our language. From the flowing EHNB, a true manifesto of what Nibiru is all about, and perhaps their best ritual to date, to the latest RZIORN, it is something that as usual scores, and this Salbrox is really something to study and understand, as if it were a text to examine. A unique musical and spiritual form, Nibiru is not for everyone nor does it want to be, and this is another masterpiece. But it is really difficult and quite useless to talk about this record, because it is a journey to be made and at the end of listening you may not be there anymore: the only thing to say, using some words of Ardath, is that we are alone, horrendously alone, but we are also light. Everything is complex, difficult, distorted and perhaps clear, everything seems and is not at the same time. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 21/4/2019)

2019 – Ritual Productions