Autumn Tears are an American neoclassical music duo formed in 1995, returning in 2018 after a ten-year absence with the ep Origin Of Sleep. Erika on vocals and Ted on piano form a pair of great artistry and basically their music is vocals with orchestra, but of course there is much more. In the underground they are a legend because their sounds are poignant and almost perfect, as if fairies whispered fairy tales to our ears. At first listen the whole thing might sound like a movie soundtrack, but this judgment is due to the prejudices of us modern men, because Autumn Tears make music that is very old. As mentioned earlier Ted composes and plays piano, Erika captivates us with her fantastic, sweet voice, and the other instruments are played by more than thirty guests, all very good for an outstanding result. Colors Hidden Within The Gray is an immersion in a framework in which the hues and feeling are far removed from our modern worldview; in here there is a search for ancient melodies, unusual and minimal sound constructions. The melodic lines we hear here are sparse and beautiful, the typical Autumn Tears sound reaches its highest point here, the break of ten years served to return more powerful and convinced than before. The structure is that of the opera, everything is consequential, but it can also be listened to separately. The pacing of the record draws heavily on medieval imagery, that is, thought laden with spirituality and symbolism. The result is a joy and a hymn to neo-classicality, it is an ethereal record that strengthens the spirit and leaves many things behind, gives many listens and is an excellent viaticum for those who still do not know this scene. Autumn Tears are one of the major groups of this genre and in this record they amply demonstrate all their characteristics. Dramatic, salvific and cathartic, the record is something very different and diverse, an echo of a world that is perhaps already dead, yet remains. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 22/4/2019)

2019 – Dark Symphonies