Svadhisthana – The Testament That Unleashed The Fire In The Eyes

Rummaging through the ever-fertile Chilean nation, at least as far as doom is concerned, to find the most competitive reality among the recently formed funeral ones we have to go down much further south of Santiago, in Osorno, to meet Flauros U. with his solo project Svadhisthana. The chosen moniker will obviously not be unfamiliar to those familiar with meditative practices of oriental matrix (it is the second primary chakra according to Hindu tantrism) and all in all it seems in antithesis with the present and past belonging of Flauros U. to bands apparently not very meditative as Abhorioir or Chaos Perversion. The ep The Testament That Unleashed The Fire In The Eyes is about twenty minutes long and shows an instrumental approach that is definitely well executed, even if not always so incisive and sharp as it would be appropriate for works of this nature to leave a deeper mark. It is however a good debut for which we can only wait for a sequel.

2019 – Ritualization