Chet W. Scott is basically a free spirit lent to music, or perhaps it is music that wanted him to use him as a witness to its purest and most uncontaminated form. When talking about Blood Of The Black Owl, what strikes you most at first glance is the depth of the message the Seattle musician intends to convey. Their first record releases date back to 2005 with the monicker Svart Ugle (Black Owl, in Norwegian) and the release of an ep of the same name, and in 2007 the project called Blood Of The Black Owl took shape, with the noble bird as the central figure in its role as guardian of everyone’s path, drawing lymph, in this sense, from the teachings of the Native American tribes. The music inevitably exhibits the naturalistic and contemplative vision of existence, first using as a style of expression the sounds that are part of the background of the young Chet, who began in 1995 to develop some of the ideas that would come together then in the debut demo, the result of listening to the first wanderings of the Norwegian black metal scene, as well as seminal bands such as Neurosis, Celtic Frost and, here is the hook to the doom sounds, Winter. But, on the other hand, the philosophical concept behind Scott’s work inevitably pushes the sound to become progressively more rarefied and at the same time ritualistic, abandoning the roughness of metal to arrive at mostly acoustic and ambient pulsions, thus delineating in the most complete way what he himself defines as medicinal music. Under the moniker Blood Of The Black Owl six full lengths have been released, progressively moving stylistically towards those more rarefied sounds mentioned above, so much so that, in some ways, the eponymous work of 2007 and the more recent Rivers Within Shadows of 2019 have in common only the spirituality that has always pervaded Scott’s work. Chet also expresses himself through other projects – among which I would point out, for stylistic contiguity and artistic value, the one called Moon Mourning Earth – through which he shares his visions through the ritual writing of songs paying homage not only to nature, but also to living and sentient beings that are an integral part of it, such as animals. In 2020, Chet’s song Her Last Few Hours of Life, which he wrote in 2013 immediately after the death of his beloved cat Tripaweds, was released on bandcamp. It is a touching song, the release of which many years later represents the true processing of grief, as the loss of a non-human companion is also grief, although many underestimate or even worse deride this aspect.

2019 – Glass Throat Recordings / Visions