Texans Communion are the protagonists of that curious but desirable reversal that brought them from the stoner sludge of the early days to the funeral in recent times; after the demo released in 2013 and the full length Unearthed in 2016, three years later Field Of Ruin is released by the trio formed by Dustin Anderson (guitar, keyboards), Jason Joachim (bass, vocals, keyboards) and Jeremy Jenkins (drums, vocals). The album has a certain impact in its transition from harsh tones to moments of rarefaction, equally bearers of an obscure and depressing aura; the band’s past gives the whole thing a shattering dynamism in the most choral moments, unlike the oppressive pace of those moments in which arpeggios and a hoarse voice creep wickedly into the listening. An excellent work that confirms the goodness of the stylistic choice of Communion.

2019 – Somatic