Ghostheart Nebula are the most welcome and unexpected gift for fans of Italian melodic death doom. As I’ve already had the opportunity to say several times, while as regards the doom in its most classic form in our country the scene is definitely thriving, the bands of absolute level belonging to the most extreme side of the genre (funeral or death doom that is) are definitely less. The ep Reveries gives us a new exciting reality born from the meeting of three Lombardy musicians (Nick Magister, Maurizio Caverzan and Bolthorn) whose bands of origin don’t refer in an obvious way to doom; perhaps for this reason the approach to the genre of the trio is the freshest and most exciting we have been able to hear lately. Even though Ghostheart Nebula introduces some post metal nuances, they don’t lose themselves in any kind of digressions and show, without any particular mediation, a load of overwhelming emotion from the first to the last note of the work; any doubts about the outcome of the work are made to vanish by the opener Dissolved that, after a delicate introduction, literally explodes with all its burden of melancholy and despair, with Maurizio Carverzan who doesn’t linger in clean vocals but shows a lacerating growl. Elegy Of The Fall has a less immediate impact but is pervaded by a widespread melodic sense: here we can appreciate Nick Magister’s skills as a guitarist and those of Bolthorn, whose bass is anything but a simple side element in the economy of the sound. A.R.T.E. (Always Remember Those Eyes) is instead, in my opinion, the emotional peak of the work, with its poignant sounds that occupy the proscenium alternating with rarefied piano passages and soft guitar lines, finding a possible term of comparison with the recent works of Clouds; so, we speak of absolute excellence in the field of melodic death doom, and any doubt is swept away by the last gem titled Denialist, in which there is room for the clear voice of guest Therese Tofting, whose appearance is equivalent to a glimmer of soft hope set in the dramatic pace of another beautiful song. Ghostheart Nebula manage to make their own the different nuances of the genre, conveying them in a sound that always puts in the foreground the emotional impact, and this is exactly what is required by those who approach these sounds: Reveries is a work that at first glance puts itself in the wake of the best bands in the industry and we hope, at this point, that it does not remain the dazzling manifestation of an impromptu project but that it constitutes, if anything, the first step of a band of great depth also able to bring their wonderful music live.

2018 – Independent