After the last Of Darkness album, dated 2015, we have to wait until 2018 to find someone in Spain who takes up the matter again with the necessary competence and inspiration, and this person answers to the name of Angel Chicote. After having put aside for a moment his intense activity with Graveyard Of Souls as a duo with Raul Weaver (six full lengths between 2013 and 2018 are certainly not a few), the musician from Burgos decides to set up on his own, proposing under the moniker Ornamentos Del Miedo first the single Este No Es Tu Hogar and then, in spring 2019, the eponymous full length. With this work Angel objectively reaches a level never reached with his main band, perhaps because he is free to unleash a first-rate melodic and atmospheric vein that allows him to give over an hour of deep and enveloping music, maybe not always perfect (the recording relegates the voice too much in the background) but able to keep the listener’s attention throughout the album, satisfying his desires despite an apparent stylistic uniformity.

2019 – Solitude Productions