Stellar Master Elite – Hologram Temple

Stellar Master Elite are a German band that, in this decade, has come to light thanks to a very interesting trilogy based on a black doom of high quality. Hologram Temple is therefore the fourth full length that further raises the bar of quality for this group that has three elements in common with another intriguing reality of Germanic black metal as Der Rote Milan. From the very first notes it is clear that everything is treated in a way that is anything but mannerist or derivative, because Stellar Master Elite manage to create a black death in the most authentic meaning of the term, in the sense that the two genres are perfectly blended for a final result that satisfies the palate both in the melodic sense and for intensity. The Trier band also adds a pinch of avant-garde and a salient use of samplers or atmospheric ambient cues without ever letting the tension wane. The most striking aspect is that, in spite of the premise and a relevant compositional depth, most of the tracks enjoy a catchy trend that is indeed surprising, as widely testified by a formidable track like the opener Null, without forgetting that our band can also touch deeper chords like in Ad Infinitum or push towards more avant-garde territories without losing incisiveness like in Black Hole Dementia. Hologram Temple is a mature test and at the same time full of the necessary compositional impulses to bring the extreme sounds on a different and higher level, without distorting the abrasive essence; although these musicians, of necessity, draw on a well-defined background there are never moments in which the influence of a specific band is evident. All this is in favor of a personal sound, rich and constantly evolving without bordering on an arid experimentalism, as even happens in the ambient quarter of an hour of Tetragon, menacing episode appropriately placed at the conclusion of the work and a sort of appendix aimed to strengthen even more the strong link between the science fiction concept and the musical content.

2019 – Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork