Laho is the title of the second full length of the one-man band Kval, led by the Finnish musician of the same name. The album shows a decidedly atmospheric approach to black metal, cloaked in that veil of melancholy that accompanies, in most cases, the musical works coming from the land of a thousand lakes. Even if we have already heard certain solutions countless times, we cannot help but appreciate the work of the young Kval for the melodic taste he shows at every juncture and for the effective inclusion of folk elements with the use of traditional instruments. The four long tracks are decidedly valid with honourable mention for the title track with its alternation between acoustic passages and airy melodic openings. The bonus track, an instrumental reprise of the opening track Valosula, adds nothing to a work of good workmanship (and this is not surprising when an album is released under the auspices of the Hypnotic Dirge) that succeeds in its author’s intent to convey the painful feeling of those who are condemned by a superior sensitivity to endlessly mince every fragment of existence.

2019 – Hypnotic Dirge Records