A Fracture In The Human Soul is the second full length for Old Night, Croatian band that was revealed to doom fans with the splendid debut Pale Cold Irrelevance two years ago. This new work offers the necessary continuity to what has been done before and if on the one hand it’s less the surprise effect resulting from the discovery of a new band of such thickness, on the other hand you can’t help but notice how the level continues to be well above average. The five long tracks offered are another magnificent example of the ideal meeting between Procession’s evocative doom and Alice In Chains’ vocal and melodic solutions and, frankly, there can be no better news for those who, like me, loves both the Chilean band and the giants of Seattle. Old Night’s journey in the hidden side of the human mind does not take place evoking the pain and despair of the most extreme doom, but winds in a melancholy and equally painful way, even under the guise of songs well memorizable and canonical in their development, despite the length. The Istrian band, led by Luka Petrovic, also a member of a historic band of the Croatian doom scene as the Ashes You Leave, offers a compositional solution that should be appreciated by a wide pool of listeners because, even those who don’t adore the doom in its most classical meaning, can still find great satisfaction in this work, which sees as in the previous one Matej Hanžek’s magnificent vocal interpretation, stand out on the sound at times rocky but more often enveloping built by his companions, with passages of lead guitar well placed and effective to embellish each track. The rare and dazzling beauty of a song like Hearken And Remember is perhaps the peak, denied to many, reached by Old Night in the course of a work that, thanks to other four gems such as Entwined, Elder, Glacial and The Reaping Of Hearts, makes them much more than a band on the rise as it happened on the occasion of the first full length; here we are in the presence of a band that manages to blend admirably, with its sound, the painful doom with the impact of the melodic vibrant impact of the best hard’n’heavy paying homage to the best tradition, from any point of view you want to look at it, without ever raise doubts about the freshness of composition, both on the personality exhibited. Old Night are today, simply, one of the best European bands, not only in the doom field.

2019 – Rain Without End Records