Without Dreams – Withering

Without Dreams is a minor project among those that emerged from Russia in the funeral field: Withering is the third full length that confirms, for better or worse, what Sergey Andriyevskikh (Thanataur) has shown in recent years. The sound offered by the Yekaterinburg musician is atmospheric and dramatic as well as minimal, sometimes you could even define it as scholastic, but in general it turns out to be pleasant, also because in this last work some patches have been put in place to the imperfections of the executive compartment that were going to invalidate a good writing in the past. Without Dreams remain a reality of the second if not third band in the area of their competence, but listening to Withering is not a waste of time, all things considered, even if, just for the fact of being entangled with projects of nsbm, Thanataur would not deserve even this mild recommendation.

2019 – Silent Time Noise