Mistralth‘s only defect may be that they are Finnish, which subconsciously leads the listener to dismiss as repetitive those who come from that land to propose mournful and melancholic sounds. In reality, the project was born at the beginning of the century, but after a long pause the founder (real name Juha Saikkonen) started again with a certain conviction in the last years, first with the excellent full length My Grief and then with this But A Walking Shadow, a work that does not betray but, if anything, fully confirms the expectations coming from the long distance debut. But A Walking Shadow is a masterful exhibition of that material that in Finland is handled like nowhere else in the world, with the five songs that sail between painful atmospheres and always with a strong melodic mood masterfully expressed by the leader, who takes care of all the instruments except for the voice, entrusted to the good Risto Kurimus, and the drums, which saw Samu Ruotsalainen (Shape Of Despair) replace another bigwig like Daniel Neagoe. With all the ingredients in place and expertly mixed, all that remains is to delight in the delicious recipe prepared by Mistralth.

2019 – GS Productions