Burial In The Woods – Church Of Dagon

Burial In The Woods is the name of the new project by Gerileme, a German musician also known for his solo activity with the other moniker Asche der Welten. If in that case the proposed genre gravitated towards black ambient, with Church Of Dagon he explores Lovecraftian themes with the genre of choice that is doom metal. This work has more than one reason of interest given the different elements that feed the structure of a sound that, wanting to exemplify the most, is a sort of ideal point of confluence between Doomed of compatriot Pierre Laube, Monolithe and all other bands that use the organ as a supporting instrument, starting from the inevitable Skepticism, through Profetus and touching in more than one step even Abysmal Grief. Forbidden Pages opens the album in a grim way, leaving to a guitar work with vaguely oriental traits the task of outlining a sound that becomes much more enveloping thanks to the dominance of the organ in the beautiful and mostly instrumental Ecclesia Dagoni. Growing Shadows appears to be a sort of synthesis of the previous tracks, with the two key instruments taking turns in leading a song that, like the others, has a strong horror-liturgical connotation, in deference to the title of the album. The final track, Gölgeler Alemi, lasts alone as much as the previous three put together, or about 25 minutes, and represents the reworking of a song that Gerileme himself published in 2008 on the occasion of the only album of Negatum, Suizid – Der Gedanken Schattenspiele: it’s an endless and remarkable litany, with a short text in Turkish that fits perfectly with the rest of the work, demonstrating the good compositional talent that exhibited in the entire work. Burial In The Woods becomes, thus, thanks to this first discographic step, another name to keep under close observation in the doom field, given the creeping, disturbing, but at the same time full of obscure charm that should take root easily against fans who appreciate the bands mentioned in the article.

2019 – Rain Without End Records