A Vintage Death – Acrid Death Fragrance

Acrid Death Fragrance is the demo that brings to the attention of extreme metal fans the name A Vintage Death, a one man band created by Abruzzo musician Carmine D’Annibale.┬áCarmine has been in the past drummer in several bands, among which Rising Moon have been the most relevant, but here he takes care of the whole instrumentation moving away from the melodic death of that band to an intriguing form of metal that incorporates elements of black, death and doom. Since this is a demo, obviously, we are not in the presence of optimal sounds, but this aspect passes in the background compared to this twenty minutes full of valuable ideas that just need a formal refinement to be 100% competitive. If a song like When The Spirit Smell His Corpse, placed at the opening of the work, is already quite exhaustive about the goodness of the proposal, with its painful and at the same time melodic pace, in Gloomy Tombs is instead a black metal component not far from Forgotten Tomb to take over, while Ominous Dream has several changes of pace and scenery, passing from sudden outbursts to more evocative moments; the title track exhibits a more dreamy and melodic character, with the guitar weaving lines of good emotional impact, and finally Lume closes the demo with rather rarefied sounds in its first part and overall more atmospheric and experimental features. Given the necessary calibration, the debut step weblog A Vintage Death is certainly positive, as the sound appears to be very fascinating even if pleasantly naive and genuine: I like to think that Carmine has tried to make their direct approach and without frills of his illustrious fellow countryman Mario Di Donato, covering it with a much more robust and metallic structure. In view of a possible release of longer duration to be placed with all the chrisms on the record market, I think that the aspect on which the musician of Ortona should work more is the vocal sector, as both growl and clean vocals are definitely perfectible, within a compositional structure that already appears quite relevant.

2018 – Independent 2019 – Cvlminis / Barbatos Productions / Akashic Envoy Records / Harsh Productions / Hellkakok / Satanica Productions 2020 – Infernal South Productions