This one under the name Chiral is not the latest work offered by the Italian one man ban normally devoted to atmospheric black metal but is, in fact, the reissue of the ep The Twilight Songs (Part I), originally released in 2017. This release, moreover, represents in its own way an anomaly in the production of the Emilian musician, since Monumental, the one and only long track of exactly thirty minutes divided into several movements, is actually more referable to an acoustic folk with several digressions even in the country sphere. While this may be disorienting at first approach, it must be said that Chiral‘s compositional talent and his delicate and poetic instrumental approach equally succeed in offering a truly valuable interlude to interject into the sounds normally offered. Those familiar with Matteo Gruppi’s work under this monicker, or with his funeral project Il Vuoto, should not be surprised by an offering that, if it falls somewhat outside of what we have become accustomed to hearing, is but one of the many facets of the compositional sensibility regularly exhibited by the Piacenza-based musician. The Twilight Songs (Part I) represents a sort of sonic oasis, but it is, after all, always music aimed at touching the deepest chords of our soul, an end that is reached by traveling a less impervious and painful road than black or doom, but which leads finally to the same landing place. Moreover, it is just these days the release of a new single under the name Chiral, The Loner, whose features contiguous to the ep that is the subject of these lines suggest that ours intends to further develop this intriguing compositional strand.

2017 – Independent 2018 – Heathen Tribes