Fallen – When The Light Went Out

Lorenzo Bracaloni returns once again with his project Fallen, through which he delights us with some frequency. Even if at a distracted listening ambient music doesn’t seem to offer many variations on the theme, in reality, just by listening to the latest Fallen releases, you can grasp the nuances that distinguish the different albums. If in fact the previous Tout Est Silencieux was affected by its composition during the night hours, this latest When The Light Went Out tends to evoke less crepuscular and sharper sensations. The Tuscan musician’s approach is, as always, devoted to the main sonic cornerstones such as Eno and Glass, but the extra touch in his work is provided by a melodic substrate capable of capturing the listener’s attention. The rest is done by the composer’s artistic sensitivity, which takes shape through crystalline sounds, always punctuated by soft but perceptible melodic lines. When The Light Went Out is an introspective work but, at the same time, anything but calm at every juncture: if it is a sense of positivity that hovers along these six tracks, there are sudden jolts corresponding to the underlying restlessness that dwells in our souls and, in this sense, a song like Wandering Spirits Looking To Rest is quite illustrative. The essential but elegant piano touch is intertwined with the rest of the instrumentation, with ambient sounds and noises (less present than in previous works), creating a new Fallen sound gem: Lorenzo is able to give ambient music a more usable dimension without affecting its depth and this is precisely the keystone that makes the work attractive even to those accustomed to very different sounds. The clarity of the title track and the evocativeness of the concluding Peaceful Words Mean Everything represent two of the main outbursts found among the notes of When The Light Went Out, a work that contains just over forty minutes of music that nourishes the soul, one of the best and perhaps most effective ways to try to stop for a moment and look inside yourself without external conditioning.

2019 – Lontano Series