This beautiful work coming out of Finland is the fourth gothic work by 2 Wolves, a quintet from Lappeenranta active since 2011. Licensed by Inverse Records, …Our Fault consists of nine beautiful tracks that combine dark/gothic and melodic death metal in a dark, melancholic and captivating sound without sacrificing the extreme soul that powers tracks with beautiful twilight melodies. Growl and vocals with a dark/gothic cut take turns among the atmospheres created by a sound in which much importance is given to ivory keys, protagonists of melancholic carpets on which the band backs melodic death guitars, then with a classic cut in a death metal context that at times slows down in cadenced doom marches. A sound that right from the opener Unwritten Names showcases extraordinary melodic talent, which remains at a very high level throughout the record. Splendid is the doom/death Of Storm And Stars, one of the most successful tracks of this fourth work by 2 Wolves, which offers the best as the minutes go by, with the quintet that, when it hardens the sound, showcases all the Nordic bands’ talent for these sounds. Again Departures And Arrivals on the shields, while with the concluding Tuhat Kertaa and The Fault Is Ours we return to the gothic/dark of the early tracks, alternating power and melodic appeal in a beautifully melancholic atmosphere. Between Swallow The Sun and The 69 Eyes, the Finnish band delivers a beautiful example of dark/gothic music enhanced by melodies that penetrate the soul like blades through butter, proving to be a name to mark in the notebook under the entry not to be missed by lovers of these sounds. (A.Centenari – MetalEyes 14/6/19)

2019 – Inverse Records