Majestic Downfall – Waters Of Fate

Ten years ago, the album Temple Of Guilt put the name of Jacobo C√≥rdova in the spotlight, as he made his debut full length with his project Majestic Downfall. In this period of time the Mexican musician has consolidated his fame within the doom scene overseas and today, with Waters Of Fate, he reaches his fifth full length, a goal that is normally achieved by those who really have the talent and continuity necessary to keep alive the flame of musical passion. The new album does not disappoint the right expectations of those who have come to know this interesting project over the years, and the opener Veins is the best possible viaticum as it immediately shows us the most effective face of Majestic Downfall, the one capable of combining with great ease passages of great strength to large melodic openings, keeping everything in the bed of the most traditional melodic death doom. Although a track like this one offers several and stimulating changes of scenery during its thirteen minutes, there will always be someone who will not miss the opportunity to remind us how in such occasions everything seems already heard: a legitimate and often well-founded opinion, but in this regard my advice is to make your own idea, because those who consider extreme doom as other genres and keep on beating on this key (unless, of course, we are in front of a real plagiarism) means that they have not grasped neither the essence nor its true nature. Waters Of Fate is in fact a dense, rocky and at the same time quite rich in melodic openings that alternate seamlessly with strong riffs and Jacobo’s growl, which sometimes takes on more desperate and heartbreaking features: the four long tracks are exemplary in their optimal interpretation of the genre and, as always, several listens are necessary to assimilate the contents; On the other hand, here the pain is not exhibited in an explicit way through passages of irresistible evocative potential, but should be sought within the folds of a sound that, perhaps never before as on this occasion, draws lymph from the masters Evoken, reworking the lesson in a less blunt and suffocating, giving more space to acoustic and solo solutions, both guitar and bass. Maybe in the songs contained in the split with The Slow Death of 2014 the emotional impact was at the highest levels, but this last work shows a solid structure without fail, clear result of a compositional and executive work of great maturity.

2018 – Chaos Records