Deitus – Via Dolorosa

Deitus is the name of a London-based one-man band devoted to black metal and now in its second full length with Via Dolorosa. Compared to other counterparts the work of this British musician deserves due attention for an approach to the subject matter that is not entirely conventional: not that the good A.G. sets out to rewrite the history of the genre, but the choice to focus on fine guitar work, including also notable solo passages of an almost classical style, is certainly not something that occurs with frequency. Perhaps the title and cover can be deceiving because they instinctively recall something much darker and abrasive, but Via Dolorosa is really a face work that flows so smoothly that it goes beyond certain minutiae. If the Scandinavian imprint is well present this does not, therefore, belong to the more crude and extremist fringe but, if anything, to that which sees as its reference point the inescapable Dissection. The five long tracks thus prove to be very convincing, with a title track that highlights more of our guitarist’s skill and the subsequent Salvifici Doloris, which unravels between a sludgy pacing reminiscent of The Cure’s Pornography and a tout court black rant, always under control, in the second half. The one branded Deitus is therefore an offering really not to be underestimated and, if anything, to be made one’s own by perhaps going to rediscover the previous full length Acta Non Verba even if one is not exactly a die-hard black metal fan, because there is objectively much more here.

2018 – I, Voidhanger Records 2019 – Dawnbreed Records