Thorns Of Grief – Anthems To My Remains

Nebiros (Krzysztof DomaƄski) is a musician of black extraction, a genre that he has frequented since 2014 with Mystic Rites; Thorns Of Grief is his solo project that makes its first recording step with the full length Anthems to My Remains. Despite the fact that the critics have not been unanimously enthusiastic, the work is objectively well done, a notch higher than the too many tattered albums performed by one-man bands lacking not only inspiration but also an adequate technical and instrumental support behind them. On the contrary, Anthems to My Remains does not show particular flaws in this sense and basically every piece seems to be in place, from the first song the work shows the awareness of the Polish boy to approach a genre not easy, from which follows the choice to stay within its boundaries exploring the best known aspects. In this regard, the self-titled opening track is the perfect representation of what has just been said, with its slow and enveloping riffing capable of creating a mournful and depressive atmosphere rather than a desperate one. Nebiros has made the most of this first opportunity to show its interpretation of funeral, thanks to a range of sensations that emerge by plumbing its work in depth; in essence, a debut that can leave puzzled only those who by default do not appreciate the genre.

2019 – Satanath Records