…Under A Full Moon – Our Riches

…Under A Full Moon can basically be said to be a black metal band, with the sole exception of their seventh full length Our Riches, which is for all intents and purposes steeped in funeral sounds. The young Evan Barton, assisted by the more experienced Norwegian keyboardist Gjøran Sæther, has released nine albums since 2017, practically all of them in the name of a not too conventional black metal, often with slow or experimental traits, but Our Riches deserved to be mentioned, not only for its valid musical content. In fact, Evan uses the dramatic pace of the funeral to express his critical view of capitalism and its consequences, using essential but very direct and fitting lyrics; it goes without saying that the most suitable musical accompaniment is a harsh funeral, typical of those who have a black background, aimed at outlining the sad end of those who have spent their lives first exploited in the world of work and then as an outcast. A beautiful work, dark, rough and very thought-provoking, despite being an exception in the discography of …Under A Full Moon.

2019 – Tridroid Records