And here comes also from the sunny island of Cyprus an example of dark extreme metal worthy of coming from much more desolate and less livable lands. After all, we have learned by now that the need to express a certain existential disgust is independent from the point of the planet where fate has decided to make us born, even if there is no doubt that, at least statistically, those who live in cold places are somehow more prone to develop a certain depressive or misanthropic nature (the fact that both black and funeral doom had their genesis in the extreme north of Europe must mean something). Our Dictator, despite the fact that he doesn’t live in snow and ice for most of the year, nor is he forced to experience the alienation of those who reside in large cities, invests us with an hour and a quarter of music that is difficult to assimilate, and that, if it has funeral doom as a base, retains much of the depressive black approach: this lethal mix forms Dysangelist, an album released in 2008 and reissued today by Aestethic Death, a demonstration of minimal music and sometimes inaccessible in its intent to slowly drain the consciousness of the listener. Dissonances screams, Gregorian choruses follow each other within a rhythmic always the same and incessant, going to create a framework of unlistenability for most of those who should unwisely approach the work without being in possession of the necessary antibodies; who, however, is accustomed to the attendance of these desolate psychic lands, will find in this timely reissue of what remained the only full length marked Dictator the irresistible charm that can cover such a raw and devastating representation of existential distress.

2008 – Sérpéné Héli Music 2009 – Pale Horse Recordings 2019 – Aesthetic Death