Shades Of Deep Water – Death’s Threshold

The one called Shades of Deep Water is one of the longest-lived and even prolific solo projects in the Finnish funeral scene; Juho Huuskola inaugurated the adventure with three demos (Shades of Deep Water, Closure and Underwater), one for each year from 2007 to 2009, slowly growing from an initially rather meagre sound. Stylistically, the band’s belonging to the funeral genre, potentially questionable for the not so slow rhythms, was consolidated by the attitude and the atmospheres created, even if the short ep Constant Pressure of 2012 showed a more melodic approach and a greater propensity for an emotional involvement of the listener. The following full length Waterways offered only two unreleased tracks out of the seven presented, since the others are taken from previous releases, plus a Scorpions cover (!), but the fact that the best track at the end was Constant Pressure means that despite the semblance of a complete album this work is still interlocutory. The decidedly melodic increase of the newly unreleased material on the two 2015 ep’s SyviensƤvyjen Universumi and The Desolation, moved Shades Of Deep Water away from canonically funeral territory but allowed for the enjoyment of two short yet effective and enjoyable works. The two compilations released in the same period are the prelude to the new full length, Death’s Threshold, a work in which the funereal inspiration of Huuskola is realized at its best both conceptually and musically. It strikes favorably the average level of the offer and the qualitative growth within the same work, with the first two tracks more tense and restless that give way to the melancholy pace of the third, and the compendium of all these nuances contained appropriately in the excellent final track.

2019 – Dunkelheit Produktionen