Sadael – Weirdest Projection

The summer of 2019 sees the release of Sadael‘s latest full length, Weirdest Projection: almost an hour and a half of magnificent funeral death doom unravels, offering moments of great intensity enclosed in a robust casing and free of certain dispersiveness of the past. The sound takes its cue from all the best realities that emerged in the decade and if, on the one hand, the solemnity typical of the best Russian school emerges, on the other hand the emotionality of Eye Of Solitude / Clouds matrix and the melodic taste typical of the southern European scene emerge. Weirdest Projection doesn’t suffer too much from its long duration, also favoured by a development that encloses in its first half the slower and more introspective tracks, favouring a rhythmic outburst in the final phase, even if the death tout court of Life Sentence seems out of context in a setlist that is otherwise impeccable, with gems such as False Teachers and Doomed Younger Gods to enlighten a work that has been unjustly passed over in silence.

2019 – Independent