Beautiful, fascinating and atmospheric, Lord Dying‘s third album crowns the Portland band as one of today’s top three expressions of sludge/doom metal, although in light of what we heard on Mysterium Tremendum imprisoning the combo’s music in a single genre becomes somewhat difficult. Metal of no easy classification then, even if the matrix is absolutely sludge, the atmospheres pass in moments as fast as blinks between shades close to post rock, metallic lashings and slow marches of doom music, veined with a progressive and heavy classical soul. The U.S.-based band, active since 2010 and with two full lengths behind them, arrives at its masterpiece thanks to a guessing draw on its inspirations, far from easy structures and loaded with attitude and impact, telluric in the passages as heavy as boulders, splendid in those in which rock harmonies take over from brute force. The band does not miss a step, perfect in every detail beginning with the opener Envy The End and the qualitative peaks that make this work a work of art such as Nearing the End of the Curling Worm, the magnificent Severed Forever and Split from a World Within, Devoid of Dreams Death, The Final Loneliness. The theme of death and the mystery of life accentuate the feeling of being in the presence of a special album, a jewel that gives Lord Dying a chance to enter the end-of-year play lists with mighty and unmissable signature metal. (A.Centenari – MetalEyes 16/8/19)

2019 – eOne