Beyond the interesting development of their musical approach, the peculiarity of Lost Hours is to transport the straight edge culture from hardcore punk to funeral sludge; the Atlanta band basically exhibits a slowed down and lumpy structure on which H’s screaming vocals stand out. Since 2013 Lost Hours have released with good regularity 4 full lengths, a split album and this compilation that includes their third and fourth long-distance work, which in reality have always had, bar none, more ep-like lengths. Eloquent titles such as Gently Before She Dies or Roman Polanski is a Monster detach themselves from the typically funeral imagery that remains solid at an instrumental level, and the second of the two cited tracks is an eloquent example of this; Lost Hours prove to be an excellent band, able to offer non-trivial stylistic solutions and great conceptual coherence in a field where the predominant feelings are for the most part quite different.

2019 – Endless Winter

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