Capilla Ardiente – The Siege

Five years after their first full length, the Chilean band Capilla Ardiente return with this new release The Siege; as many of you know, this is a parallel project to the more famous Procession, of which we find bassist Claudio Botarro Niera and vocalist and guitarist Felipe Plaza. The differences with the mother band are minimal, despite the fact that here the compositional part is the prerogative of Neira instead of Plaza, also because the stentorian voice of the latter strongly characterises any song in which he lends his work; compared to Procession, however, the sound of Capilla Ardiente is more rocky and less evocative, therefore more shifted to the heavy side than to the doom side of the sound, but the deviations are reduced to such an extent that those who appreciate Procession can easily enjoy these excellent three quarters of an hour of music, divided into four tracks, by a group of musicians who never disappoint expectations.

2019 – High Roller Records