The Brescians (Echo) continue on their almost parallel path in terms of releases with their Ligurian friends Plateau Sigma, and as in the case of the latter they do so, highlighting further progress, reaching an unassailable standard of quality. If, in the past, the Italian metal bands had a weak point that put them, except in rare cases, in second place compared to foreign ones, this was represented by productions not up to the mark; evidently when a work, as in this case, passes through Greg Chandler’s Priory Studios such a problem can no longer persist so that listeners are given the opportunity to evaluate the proposal without any pre-existing ballast. Below The Cover Of Clouds represents for the (Echo) the classic third work of consecration, the one able to clear any doubt about the actual potential of a band that with the previous release had to deal, doing so painlessly, the replacement of the previous vocalist Antonio Cantarin with Fabio Urietti, who on this occasion is the protagonist of a performance even more convincing and versatile. The death doom of the band is strongly streaked by post-metal impulses, but this happens with great balance and the various souls merge in a fluid way and without forcing, giving back a work in which the harshness and the more melodic passages are always functional to each other. Thanks to realities like (Echo), Plateau Sigma, Shores Of Null and others that are emerging a bit throughout the peninsula, the Italian scene has closed the gap that had been created in the field with other European nations, and this happens with the proposal of sounds with great peculiarity and depth as well as, as mentioned, with a sound coating that gives them an international breath.

2019 – BadMoodMan Music