Argentinean band Fungoid Stream, during their almost twenty-year career, have always maintained a wide time-span between releases and so, five years after the previous Prehuman Shapes, we arrive in 2019 to listen to The Winds Among The Stars, Joseph C. and Simon O.’s latest work, which all in all turns out to be the ideal summa of their musical parabola. Atmospheric orchestral in Elend style (The Wind Gibbers In Their Voices and Interlude: From Yaddith To Earth), ambient (The Lightning Seems Dark And The Darkness Seems Light and The Earth Mutters With Their Consciousness) and experimental dissonances (Thousands Of Light-Years, Thousands Of Years Of Time) provide a result that, for better or worse, best represents the history of this interesting band dedicated to the Lovecratftian cult.

2019 – GS Productions